There is a race to obtain market share of the "waterless" product industry. If you are interested in importing or distributing high-quality car care products, we want to work with you. Please call or write us an email. The demand for these products are high, supply is low and the opportunities are endless. Let's get started today.
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Eco Shine Carwash
Waterless Car Wash
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Hello and Welcome to Eco Shine Waterless Car Wash

Eco Shine Waterless Car wash Cleans, Polishes & Protects without using water. It may sound crazy but it’s true. Our Waterless Car Wash products do more than just clean and shine your car, they bring out the brilliant colors in your paint, protect it from the elements and keep it cleaner for longer period of time. Use our waterless car wash almost anywhere, anytime as long as the paint surface is not excessively soiled, muddy or caked with sand. It’s water-based, organic and Environmentally Friendly/ ECO-Safe. Since it is water-based, it can easily be used on a wet or dry surface. See Demo & Order a bottle today. Check out our new Shopping Cart site.


“Mirror image of Mount Hood, Oregon, in lake Trillium. Let’s all work at keeping our environment this pristine. The beauty of this world is only passing, let’s all use every effort available to preserve our world…”

Our three main products are Eco Shine Original Waterless Car Wash, Eco Shine Protect ALL High Shine Tire Shine and the New EcoONE! These products work GREAT, they look nice, smell fantastic and create a cleaner, smoother finish than anything else on the market. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarrentee if you are not totally satisfied. We accept credit card orders via online, snail mail or over the phone. Please place order today.

The newly re-designed, Extreme Hot Weather, Original formula contains 2 kinds of waxes, non abrasive pumice, plus the special polymers. The non-wax, organic soap-based EcoONE product can clean, polish and protect all surfaces of your car except your tires. It has no wax or pumice. All you need is a bottle of our waterless car wash product and few microfiber towels. Eco Shine Waterless Car wash is biodegradable, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, non-toxic, V.O.C. compliant, silicone-free and is 100% environmentally safe. Just spray on, gently rub in and wipe off. That’s it! Our Waterless Car Wash is convenient, easy to use and priced less than competitive products. We offer retail, wholesale, private label and business opportunities. We want to help you. Contact us today to test out the products: Try a combo detail pack today.

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